First Impressions specialize in safe removal of normal as well as regulated trees.

  • Is your tree posing a threat to the safety of your property or your neighbors?
  • Do you have a tree with roots growing into the foundation of your home?
  • Is your tree diseased or rotten?
  • Are the branches of your tree penetrating through the overhead power lines?

Chances are, you may have to need your tree removed. Give First Impressions a call for a free quote. We offer comprehensive tree management packages, besides annual tree inspections and documented arborist reports.


Removal of Regulated Trees

Did you know that South Australian government has special guidelines in place for removal of significant and regulated trees? Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in heavy fines. Not sure if your tree falls under the significant or regulated category? Speak to one of our friendly arborists today!

First Impressions have years of experience in removal of regulated and significant trees. We ensure that our team undergoes frequent trainings to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in government and industry guidelines.

Professional Arborists

At First Impressions, our team comprises of experienced and well-qualified tree surgeons and arborists. They are trained in safe tree removal practices, including site and personnel safety.