Tree pruning refers to the removal of some of the tree’s branches and stems for the overall health of the tree. Pruning may be needed if your tree has diseased stems or branches that are dead and damaged. Pruning a tree helps prevent its invasion from deadly and decaying organisms.

First Impressions provides professional tree pruning and lopping services to give your trees a long and healthy life.

Give First Impressions a call if you:

  • Have tree limbs that are weak, diseased or dead
  • Want to enhance the shape of your tree
  • Wish to increase the infiltration of light through the tree
  • Want to have overgrown branches removed

Our Services

At First Impressions, we strive to deliver safe and correct pruning of trees. Our tree pruning services include:

• Tree shaping • Formative pruning • Removal of deadwood from tree’s bottom • Restorative pruning • Removal of dead and diseased branches • Pruning of regulated or significant trees

SA government has strict laws in place for pruning of significant trees. Pruning more than 30% of a regulated or significant tree can land you with a heavy fine! Don’t be a victim; call First Impressions for professional and legal pruning of regulated and significant trees.