First Impressions provide repair and maintenance services for domestic and commercial irrigation systems. An efficient irrigation system goes a long way in maintaining the health of your lawn and plants.

Whether your irrigation system is giving you trouble or you like your irrigation system performing at its optimum level, First Impressions is there to help!

Irrigation Repair & Maintenance

First Impressions offers basic irrigation repair packages covering repair of broken or worn out sprinklers, fixing leaking pipes, repair of the drip irrigation system and broken pipe fittings. We also stock irrigation system replacement parts from leading brands.

Some of the services in our portfolio include:

  • Repair or replacement of worn out or faulty parts. If you require a spare part that’s not in stock with us, don’t worry! We have an extensive network of suppliers spread across South Australia. This enables us to source any spare part from any brand in minimum time.
  • Identification and repair of sprinkler blockage
  • Identification and repair of electrical faults in the irrigation system
  • Replacement of old irrigation systems with more advanced, water-saving, ones
  • Cleaning of nozzle and replacement of broken parts
  • Flushing of the drip line
  • Service, maintenance and repair of pump
  • Complete maintenance and service of worn out irrigation systems
  • One-off, monthly or annual packages available